Without A Bird | 2007

Without A Bird  | 2007

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I love this album.  It tore my heart out to make but I stand behind it as a bit of my gospel truth.  The album is all my hopeful-hearted girlishness and darkly cantankerous nastiness brought together to battle it out.  Who wins?  I don't even know.
All of us, I hope.

1. Learning Too Slow
2. Never You Mind
3. When Will You Be Mine?
4. Chicago
5. Fine, I'm Fine
6. I Could Leave
7. Visit
8. Without a Bird
9. Hands to Water
10. Here We Lie in Wait 


Released in 2007 on SoDak Records - vinyl & CD.

Rachel - guitars, piano, Wurlitzer, vocals
Ariel Bolles - upright bass, vocals
Kevin O'Donnell - drums
Joel Paterson - guitar, pedal steel
Alison Chesley - cello
Maria McCullough - violin

Produced by Rachel
Recorded & Mixed by Kris Poulin at Electrical Audio
Mastered by Jason Ward & Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering