Patronage Levels

As some of you may know, I share a bunch of songs and such over at Patreon, a platform that has greatly improved my creative life. However, some of you have expressed a desire to bypass the middleman, while still supporting my art-making. If you choose to subscribe via this subscription page, I'll make sure you have access to all the same content and thank-you perks from Patreon.

Having a small and supportive gaggle of patrons over these past months has been an immense blessing. In a way, songs are worthless. Writing music doesn't put an ounce of food on the table until that music has been captured, marketed and turned into a consumable product. Having patrons means I can finally afford to put in ample creative time when I'm off the road and home from touring. Now, instead of scurrying off to work a temp or cafe job, I can put valuable time into writing songs, recording a new album, making videos, scheming the next tour and applying band-aids, hugs and time-outs to 3-yr-olds. (No, I'm not a mom but I have a unique and satisfying coexistence with my family).

Thanks for being here and valuing these songs I'm compelled to create.
Now if you'll excuse me, the piano's calling.
In song,