Laurel Lake EP | 2012

Laurel Lake EP  | 2012

In January of 2012 I gathered up all my instruments (minus the pedal steel) and drove down to a drafty little house in eastern Tennessee.  I spent a month up in the mountains, perched on the banks of a narrow peninsula, spilling songs out into Laurel Lake.

I recorded these that month - some are brand new, one is a long-held favorite and a couple are quiet resurrections.  I played and recorded everything myself but had polishing help in the end from Dawn Landes and Kris Poulin.

When I got home I set about handmaking a limited edition Laurel Lake EP - 317 fabric sleeves sewn from a hodgepodge of fabric, a printed insert with lyrics (and a little heart I colored in) and, of course, a CD.  Each one is numbered and was a precious little labor.  I wanted something you could hold!  317 of you, at least.  As I write this, there are still some available here at the store.  Once this batch is gone I doubt I'll sew more but the downloads will always be available.


(Early unmixed versions of a few can be found here).