For You Only | 2005

For You Only  | 2005

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This album was a wintery joy to make.  Wrapped up in Andru's shack in Michigan, we trudged our way through the songs during the cold months of 2004 & 5.  All his crazy-old analoge gear lived on the kitchen floor and we'd have to pick our way over it.  In my heart, this album was built for vinyl - there's a marked mood shift halfway through the record that always makes me feel like I should get up and turn it over.  As of yet, this is not to be.

1. Lonely Spires
2. You Only
3. Our Summertime
4. Luckiest One
5. Valentine
6. Cleveland
7. October
8. Unkind
9. Sad Saturday
10. Summer, Came a Warning
11. We'll All Be the Same
12. 3am
13. And For This 


Released in 2005 on Waterbug Records

Rachel - guitars, banjo, vocals
Andru Bemis - banjo, fiddle, guitar, vocals
Drew Lindsay - piano, pump organ, accordion
Mike Reeb - drums

Produced by Rachel
Recorded by Andru
Additional Recording and Mixing by Kris Poulin
Mastered by Blaise Barton at Scientific Mastering