Country EP | Anaïs Mitchell & Rachel Ries | 2008

Country EP  |  Anaïs Mitchell & Rachel Ries  | 2008

Anaïs and I made this record quick & dirty at the end of a tour a few years ago.  We were all warmed up so lined up a fine little band of Boston musicians and made this record; one we had excitedly conspired to make the year prior.  See, we each had some homeless songs; songs that hadn't made it onto other albums because they just didn't fit in.  But in one giddy night we realized we could make them all live together, along with our friend Louis' perfect country song, on a cute little 7" (with accompanying CD) for all time.  And we called it good!

1. O My Star! (A. Mitchell)
2. MGD (R. Ries)
3. Come September (A. Mitchell)
4. Grace the Day (R. Ries)
5. When You Fall (L. Ledford) 


Righteous Babe Records released it in 2008 as a limited edition 5 track CD with bonus 7" single.

Anaïs & Rachel - guitars, vocals
Billy Beard - drums; Kimon Kirk - bass
Dan Abu-Absi - mandolin
Drew Lindsay - accordion
Jesse Graber - violin
John Hasbrouck - dobro
Mike Grigoni - dobro, pedal steel

Recorded by Matt Malikowski & Billy Conway at Hi & Dry in Boston, MA
Additional recording & mixing by Kris Poulin at Ol' Gregg's Downstairs Mix-up in Chicago
Still more recording and editing by Mike Grigoni & Bennet Shapiro
Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service, Chicao, IL