Cardinal (The Rouen EP) | Lyrics

WINDING ROAD (for a, always)

oh the roads we are tasked to travel
sometimes wide enough for waltzing in the street
only to turn and narrow so only one may pass
leaving the other somewhere behind

and so it was for you and i after a time we were not side by side
always a different view, not seeing eye to eye
we could have kept on, alone together for quite some time
if i had not heard a call from deep within
to take the road winding through the wood
and to leave you to your own winding road

telling me clear as the prairie night – i must change my course
telling me loud as a thunderstorm – this is not my home
telling me now is the time – don't delay my lady, love
oh the path was ours and now this path is yours

well now you and i are miles apart but i can feel you near
somehow a string was tied tenderly between
and never a moment of wondering passes
if you and i have fared far better for having walked together

so when the voice is clear you must heed it
when the path is clear you must take it
come what may, you're on your way
you must be brave, you must be brave
you must be
you must
and that is all


the cathedral bells and heckling men
so it begins again
this morning on the street i found all of these:
a folded paper boat
scattered flowers, blood red
a pigeon, fresh dead with her heart beside her head

so i begin to search again for a petal, a poem to bring to him
so i begin to see again nothing will draw him in

my demons deep, my pride a well
throw a stone, no end is felt
but still my mind seeks him who held
my heart in his own hand
still beating for him, i am
just a pigeon homing him
but he does not want me in

so i return to what i know – all flesh and bone and stars of home
so i begin to bloom again – blood red i am

i see a brightness and i see clear
as i have known darkness long before coming here
here where the bells chime and here where my heart lies
warm and ready for her long walk home

home, where my people are
home, where the kids play in the yard
home, where sarah's not far
home, where my people are


this business is crazy
you never know who to trust
you open your tiny coffer
you get a pocketful of dust
the suits come and go
in their shiny new threads
well my threads are shiny too – from wearing to death

but i'd rather a song on my tongue than a retirement fund
but i sure hope for both when i'm old to draw water from

i've made so many mistakes
i don't know where to begin
cataloguing the missteps
that bring me back to begin again
seems when i open my heart
it gets bashed in
but when i put up the wall
no light fills the dim

but i'd rather set the place blazing and get burned again
than sit in the dark and the din, alone and wondering: do i believe?

this living is crazy
you never know who to trust
but you do it because you can
and you can – so you must!
and one day we'll find it's all turned to dust
all the money and the lust
for the suits and the luxe
and aren't we good enough?
i say we're good enough!


your anger is an anchor and it keeps you in the bay
safe from squalls and safe from change
tethered by time and at the mercy of the tide
lifting you up just to take you down

you long to set sail in the blinding sun
shielding your eyes in sight of everyone
yet you turn away and scuttle down below
deep in the belly of your hollow little home
holding your breath in the hold of what you know
cradled on the waves, swaddled and alone
while they've gone their way and you've gone yours

when you look out to sea and you see everyone
making waves and waving at each other
do you hold them to blame for believing their dreams
are worth more than a fear of going under?

when you close your eyes do you see what is real, what is real?
turn away from the veil and see you are good, you are good
you are good.

so lift your anger and your anchor and set out to sea
join your family in teh tumult and the peace
may the wind be at your back
or you know just when to tack
may the oars be close at hand
if the billows should go slack
and may the compass of your heart
know true north is where you're at, it's where you're at

yeah they've gone their way and you've gone yours
yes they've gone their way and you've gone yours
they've got their way
and you've got oars